Introducing Brio Weatherfold 4s Window Range

Brio is recognised around the world as a market leader in the field of Bi-folding door and window hardware. As a true innovator, Brio is constantly looking for ways to improve its products. With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to enhance our folding window range, which became the latest addition to our Weatherfold product family – Brio Weatherfold 4s Window and Servery 25.

Brio Weatherfold 4s Window is designed for exterior folding windows in residential and light commercial applications with up to 6 panels folding in each direction. The hardware has been upgraded to carry wider and heavier window sashes of up to 1000mm, weighing 25kg each.

This is made possible by the new recessed bottom guide system. The guide system not only provides stability for folding up to 12 window sashes, its concealed low profile design and excellent weatherproofing capabilities make it an ideal option for window sills. Designed with convenience and durability in mind, the new guide system is also incredibly easy to install and maintain.

Brio Weatherfold 4s Servery is the version of the Window system without bottom guide or channel. It has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of servery type installation, where the work surface is left completely unobstructed from one side to the other making it a perfect solution for kitchens that open out to exterior dining areas.

Brio Weatherfold 4s Window and Servery 25 utilise the same technology as the Weatherfold 4s door system, but on a smaller scale. Clean lines, smooth operation and flexible functionality make the systems suitable for many applications with a wide range of configurations.

Like with any Brio product, aside from looking stylish, these systems are built to last. We offer a 10-year warranty on all Weatherfold 4s Window and Servery 25 hardware.

As an international leader in hardware design and quality, Brio is proud to offer its customers this new range of innovative products. Brio – where ideas unfold.