Hybrid Sills


For exterior, outward opening Weatherfold 4s systems the Brio Hybrid Sills offer an alternative to a traditional hardwood sill. The self draining sills use an aluminium base to deal with water dispersion and contact, while hardwood is used on the exposed visual surfaces like the tread and rebate. The result is a longer lasting bifold unit with conservation as an added bonus since the hybrid sills use a fraction of the hardwood of traditional sills. The 95HS hybrid sill operates with Brio’s 456 Flushbolt range and the 94HS hybrid sill works with Brio’s superior 286 Dual Point Lock.  Both sills offer the option to integrate Brio’s 612 Retractable Pleated Insect Screen.

Brio’s hybrid self draining sills have been successfully tested to comply with Australian Standard AS2047 – 1999: Windows in buildings – selection and installation, by a third party NATA accredited laboratory as part of a complete folding door system fitted with Weatherfold 4s hardware.


Max Length: 6000mm
Max Panel Thickness: 40mm
Min Panel Thickness: 38mm

Hybrid Sills
  • Hybrid sill
  • Hybrid sill profile
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