Centrefold 75


Centrefold 75 is designed for interior folding shutters and doors in residential and light commercial applications. Capable of 75kg panels with a maximum of eight panels folding each way. The first panel is a half-panel hinged to the jamb using three non-morticed hinges, and the remaining panels are full-sized. Panels are hung centrally under the lintel, and can fold to either one or both sides of the opening, ideal when space is a commodity. A bottom floor channel is required across the opening when using three or more full panels. Guides are fitted to the lower edge of the door directly beneath each hanger.


Max Panel Weight: 75kg
Max Panel Width: 1000mm
Max Panel Height: 3300mm
Min Panel Thickness: 40mm
Max Number of Panels: 7 1/2 each way

Centrefold 75
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