Zero Clearance Glass 120


Zero Clearance Glass 120 is ideal for internal glass straight sliding panels.  Glass panels allow for more natural light in homes and offices while still providing acoustic barriers.  The anodised aluminium glazing rail has a streamline profile which enhances the minimal effect of the zero clearance hardware which offers a 3.5mm gap between the top of the rail and the underside of the track.  An adjustable guide and fittings pack make the hardware suitable for 10 or 12mm toughened glass panels.  Brio’s optional 120R can also be used to work seamlessly with ceiling tiles. Heavier options can use Zero Clearance 180.


Max Panel Weight: 120kg
Max Panel Width: 1500mm
Max Panel Height: 3000mm
Min Panel Thickness: 10mm
Max Panel Thickness: 12mm

Zero Clearance Glass 120
  • Zero Clearance Glass 120