Folding Door Hardware Systems

Bringing the outdoors inside is one of the specialties of a Brio’s Weatherfold hardware. Exterior folding doors allow you to open up your home and bring the fresh air and sunshine in.  Opening up doors expands spaces and allows for a flow of people onto a balcony, a patio or veranda – or even straight out onto the lawn.  Brio’s exterior folding door hardware is unsurpassed for quality and ease of use. Interior folding door hardware is available for residential and commercial applications as room dividers or bi-folding cupboards and wardrobes. Panels can be folded to either one side or both sides of the opening. Brio’s hardware for folding doors is suitable for aluminium and timber doors. Brio can also supply additional hardware such as seals, locking devices and flush bolts. The three premium finishes available are stainless steel, polished stainless steel and PVD brass. Come and see what Brio has to offer in design and style to add beauty to your folding doors.